Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Saturday April 4, 2009

I woke very early this morning to go over to meet Gene Roblyer, the chef from Camping World. When I got to the rally hall, I put coffee on in both the Lone Star room for the early-morning coffee drinkers and in the Rayford room for the breakfast. It was a good thing I made two full pots because they both ran out and I had to make a second pot in the small pot.

Gene's breakfast was very good and everyone left full. We all went back to our trailers for awhile and returned at 10:30 for a Camping World seminar on parts and service by Joseph Govea, Manager of retail sales at the Katy store. Joseph introduced the new service manager at the store. I spoke with him briefly but didn't get his card or his name.

Dean, the technician from Camping World came out and ate breakfast with us before he started working. He stayed busy all day and took care of most of the problems that were given to him. He didn't work on my two main problems, a squeak in one of the inside stairs and a toilet that won't hold water. He didn't have the parts needed to do the toilet and didn't have time to do the squeaking step. Like last year at the October rally, he stayed in the park until after 10, getting the work done.

Jim B and I went shopping for give-away items after the potluck dinner. We went to Lone Star RV and bought several items and then to Bed, Bath and Beyond to buy kitchen and bath items. We spend well over $300 on the various items and Lone Star gave us two nice recliners to give away. Camping World also brought several items to give away, and EVDO Alex from the 3-G store sent a very nice Cradlepoint 1000 router to give away to some lucky person.

When we came back, I went to the trailer because I was tired from getting up so early this morning. I sat down but didn't get a nap because of all the activity in the park. I finally went back outside and hung out with some of my friends.

We had so much food, I couldn't believe it on the tables. We almost ran out of room on the serving tables, but we got it all out and everyone had plenty to eat. The door prize raffle went very well too. I used two decks of cards to draw the matching numbers. The drawing was fun and Ray LeTourneau won the new router.

We had another campfire at my trailer, so everyone went home tired but having had a very good day.

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