Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday April 25, 2009

We slept late this morning since there's no reason to get up early. I made coffee and drank some, then went outside to see how dirty the trailer was from the trip down here. Since it rained last night so most of the bugs and road grime was off the trailer. There were a few bugs and some black streaks on the sides of the trailer, so I mixed up some soap and started washing the trailer down. It was really windy, so most of the water I sprayed on the trailer came back at me. I washed the front of the trailer off and the off-door side, but got tired of getting soaking wet, so I gave up on washing the entire trailer. I'll finish it up when the wind stops, or at least slows down.

We just hung out inside and Stella fixed us some breakfast of sausage and eggs on tortillas. It was very good and she spiced it up just right.

We stayed here until time to go watch Cameron's baseball game. He pitched in the game today and got started slowly. He walked in a couple of runs in the first inning, but he soon settled down and the rest of the game was pretty good. Cam was hit by a pitch the first at-bat, got on base with a single the second time and was intentionally walked on his third time to bat. He is a very good hitter and they had two on base when Cam was walked. They were playing the #1 team in the league and ended up losing the game, but they played well and only lost by three runs.

We went back to Kim's house after the game and ate some brisket that Jeremy had gotten from his lodge. It was very good, and he made mashed potatoes and peas to go with the meat.

We brought the boys back home with us. They haven't been here with us for a long time and it was good to have them here.

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