Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday April 12, 2009

I woke about 3AM and got up to check the weather on the computer. I stayed up until about 4:30 and went to sleep in my chair. I didn't wake until about 7:30, much later than I wanted to since we were supposed to be leaving Tyler this morning.

About the time I turned the coffee on, the weather took a turn for the worse. We had been told about the rain that was coming, and it certainly came! It rained very hard, and at times it sounded like light hail. I didn't go out in the rain, since I had been told by the TV announcers that it wouldn't last that long. When the rain hadn't slacked off by 9, we decided to just stay here another night and leave early tomorrow and drive all the way to Amarillo.

Since we were staying, Stella called the office and learned that this wouldn't be a problem, so after taking a shower, I walked down there and talked to Lonnie, who knew Stella from the bank. He and I talked about workkamping, both here and other jobs that are out there. He said he and his wife Pat had thought about selling ads for Woodalls, traveling about six months out of the year to different parks, and making good money. I told him that since we're drawing our Social Security, we can only make so much before it costs us money.

I also had Lonnie fill one of the propane bottles on the trailer. I looked at the long-term forecast for Albuquerque and it will be in the 40's every night, so we'll need the propane to run the furnace. The price for propane here is $24.75 for a 30 pound bottle. they don't partially fill bottles, they simply weigh them and cut off the flow when the weight reaches the limit.

I went back to the trailer and checked on Lonnie's work of putting the propane bottle away and everything was fine. We stayed in the trailer until about 3 when we went to the store for bread and some other essentials. Stella is going to make sandwiches for us to eat on the road and we bought some breakfast biscuits to eat in the morning when we leave.

We came back home and watched television for the rest of the day. I called the Oasis RV Park in Amarillo to make a reservation. They told me that it wasn't necessary because they have plenty of room. The office is open until 8 o'clock and they have a security guard that can show us to an empty spot when we get there.

Stella fixed us some kind of goulash using hamburger meat and veggies that was very tasty. She also made me some sugar-free cookies, so now I have dessert for several days.

I talked to Tyler and Cameron on the telephone and late last night, Kim called her mother. They chatted for a good while before hanging up. Stella actually went to bed before 3AM! She usually dozes in the recliner until I wake her when I wake or her snoring wakes her and she gets up to come to bed.

Our time in Tyler comes to an end.....we'll be back someday.

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