Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday April 23, 2009

I woke about 5AM and got my stuff ready to go shower and clean up in the shower house. By the time I got back to the trailer, Stella was up and about. It wasn't even daylight yet, so I came back inside and helped her get things inside straightened up to go.

We are heading back today, all the way to Dickinson to the Via Bayou (it has a new name now) RV park. It is between Dickinson and Texas City, so it should be convenient for us to work in the house and go to see the boys. We have told Kim that we will come to Cameron's next five games.

We pulled out at a record time for us, 6:50AM!! By the time we stopped by the Love's store to get coffee it was 7, but still a record for us since we've retired. We made excellent time through Amarillo with no slowdowns at all. Nothing like good old Houston traffic.....

We continued to make great time, but around 8:30 Stella decided that we needed to stop somewhere between here and Dickinson because she thought we would be too tired when we got in. She started calling RV parks and found us a spot at the RV Ranch in Burleson for the night. She called Via Bayou and told them that we wouldn't be in until tomorrow.

We stopped for fuel at Quanah Texas. We took 13.1 gallons at $2.19 per gallon to go 154.2 miles for a 11.7 mpg average. Still good mileage!

After getting filled up with fuel and because we had plenty of time now, I decided to drive 55 mph for this leg of the trip. Let me tell you, that's no fun at all! It seems like you are just coasting along with the rest of the traffic blowing by. I hated it, but kept it up until we stopped again for fuel.

While driving down the road, I noticed a Bighorn trailer coming up behind us, and guess who it was? Bob and Grace Stewart. I think they are going back to Houston for more doctor visits.

We stopped again for fuel and I was surprised to find that it had taken more to go this far at 55mph than at 62. We took 13.6 gallons at $2.19 per gallon to go 139.4 miles for a 10.25 mpg average. This is very interesting, and I can only think that the reason was because we were towing the trailer and the extra weight offset the lower speed. I noticed that when going up a hill in overdrive and cruise control, the truck would have to downshift twice to make it up the hill. Anyhow, I know now that going 62 is better!

We pulled into the RV Ranch at about 2:30. They have improved this park a lot since we've been here. They have added many more RV spaces and several cabins. Two of the cabins-actually they are a duplex-were open and we went inside. They have one big room with a fireplace on the far end, a large bathroom with what appears to be a space for a jacuzzi tub and a very large shower that is big enough for two people. There is no provision for a kitchen, so we really don't understand the floor plan.

We came back to the trailer and watched some television until going to bed. I talked to Kim and she ragged on me for not remembering the day of the week. I told her that we would see her tomorrow but wanted to wait to go out to eat until Friday. She said that since I don't have a job, I can't remember that tomorrow IS Friday.

I still love being retired, even if I don't know what day it is.....

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