Friday, April 10, 2009

Tuesday April 7, 2009

Today I woke and made a small pot of coffee in the rally hall. Only Bob came down, but Tom came by and had one cup. He didn't want to drink too much because he was leaving and didn't want to make any more stops than he had to. I walked down to his trailer and helped him a little bit in getting ready to leave. They pulled out about 8:30.

Stella and I had lots of errands to run today, we had to drop off some items at our storage, had to go to the Amegy bank to cash a check, dropped off some clothes at the Goodwill collection box at the old Wal Mart store location, get fuel and get something to eat. We got everything done, and got our fuel at the Kroger store, which, with the Kroger card discount, had the lowest prices in the area. We got 13.2 gallons at $2.069 per gallon to go 227 miles for a 17.2 average. This is not too bad considering it is mostly stop and go around-town driving. While out, I got a telephone call from the #1 RV Park in Tyler asking if we were coming in today. I told the lady that we would be in tomorrow, but later realized that I had made a mistake and that we should have left today and stayed in Tyler until Sunday when we will leave for Amarillo on our way to Albuquerque. Oh well.....

We ate at the Sweet Tomato restaurant, one of my favorites. We returned to the trailer and started making preparations to leave tomorrow for Tyler.

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