Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday April 11, 2009

Well today started out all bad. I woke up at about 3:30AM and got up to find the Internet connection from the park was down. I found the air card and tried to log on, or at least tried to log on. I had to download some new software for the air card but it only took a few minutes to get online. Then about 4, the power went out. It was cold last night, about 47 degrees when I got up, so I just covered up with my blankie and went back to sleep in my recliner.

I stayed in my chair until about 7:30 and went outside to see if I could figure out why the power was out. I had heard a pop when the power went out, so I figured it was something around here. I soon found a transformer breaker tripped, and about the same time, I ran into Pat, the manager of the park. She said that there had been an accident involving a truck that had hit a light pole which caused the outage.

I came back to the trailer and found Stella awake. She got up and grumped around because we couldn't even get any water because the pump was electrically operated. We decided to go out to eat, since our oven is electric. We found a place called Sweet Sue's Restaurant that had a great breakfast buffet. We had a huge breakfast and it didn't cost very much at all, so we made the right decision.

We stopped off at the Wal Mart to buy Ian something for Easter. We got him a little bunny rabbit (very cute) and a couple of other things. On our way back to the park, we decided to stop at Sam's to look at lawn chairs. I have been wanting to buy a couple of director's chairs. We saw them last season for $15.99 and I passed on buying because we had four chairs. One of our chairs broke, so we are down to three, and I want two more and like the director chair design. They had some at Sam's but they are $39.99, so we didn't buy them. We did pick up a pair of denim shorts for me and a pair of denim pants for Stella.

Jennifer, Melissa and Ian arrived about 1:30. Ian is very cute and loves his Pop! He is almost walking and crawls at the speed of .....well he crawls really fast! He is starting to make a lot of little sounds, and in no time at all he will be talking and I'm sure he'll say Pop before anything else. They didn't want to take Ian to the hospital because he can get very loud and doesn't understand the word "No" yet. He is another of my "boys".

We had a very nice visit at our trailer, although Jennifer did park (at my suggestion) in the parking space for the trailer next door. They haven't been there the whole time we have been here, so i thought she would be fine but the lady in the park office came by and asked her to move it.

We decided to go back to Sweet Sue's Restaurant where we had breakfast. They had a lot of down home cooking, fried chicken, chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, green beans etc. the kind of food I love. We had a nice meal and Ian flirted with all the waitresses. I'm telling you, a single guy should hook up with Ian, .he's a chick magnet!

We bid them farewell at the restaurant and went to the hospital to visit Aunt Frat. She didn't look very well tonight, but she was awake. She had a lot of trouble talking and has a lot of congestion in her chest that she can't cough up. One of the nurses came into her room just as we were leaving to give her a breathing treatment. I hope it works because she will come down with pneumonia.

We left her and stopped at the Wal Mart where we got fuel. We took 19.7 gallons to go 329.8 miles for a 16.7 average. About 80 miles of this was pulling the trailer, so the average is still pretty good. We came back to the trailer and I dumped both the blackwater and gray water tanks, just one thing I won't have to do in the morning.

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