Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sunday April 5, 2009

Today was the day we all dreaded. The last day of the rally and the day that most had to go back home. Two rigs pulled out very early, one even before I got up and the other about 7:30. I made coffee in the Lone Star room for the guys that came down, and we had another nice visit.

One by one, many of our friends left to go back home. Thirteen rigs stayed behind, so we still had a good representation in the park. I took a good nap in the afternoon and Stella fixed us some grilled ham sandwiches for supper. Everyone had so mucch food last night at the potluck dinner, none of us were very hungry.

We had our last campfire tonight, and I used up most of my firewood. That firewood has lasted a long time, it came to me from Ricky when they moved out of the park to move into their new home. I didn't use it for several days so I gave it to Harry to use. We were still under a burn ban and he was going to Dickinson for a few days and I thought he might want to use it. He returned to Rayford for my retirement rally and gave it back to me for the Heartland rally, so we used it up.

Til next time...

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