Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday April 16, 2009

It's coooold here this morning. the temp was 30 degrees on my thermometer. The TV weather guessers said there were snow flurries here in Albuquerque over night. We didn't see any but we went to bed early last night.

I had another bad night because of my hand. I went to bed about 8:30after taking some medicine but woke several times and finally got out of bed around midnight. It was cozy and warm in the trailer, and I covered up with my throw blankie and slept (fitfully) all night.

Stella woke before I did and turned the coffee pot on. She later made us biscuits for breakfast but admitted that she hadn't made the adjustment for the altitude here and the biscuits were very flaky. They were good, but had to be eaten with a fork.

We went over to the rally site this afternoon. Today was the first day that we came over for a seminar. We wanted to see Jim and Chris Guld, the Geeks on Tour couple that I had seen in Branson at the Heartland national rally last year. They gave this same seminar there, and are one of the reasons that I began this blog. Harry and Judy want to start their own blog and this should help.

None of the exhibitors were set up yet but will be tomorrow. We did look at some trailers that were in display including a New Horizons unit that was very nice. New Horizons are custom made and are very well built, and also VERY heavy. The unit that we looked at weighs about 23,000 pounds and costs a whopping $154,000. A little out of our range. Our truck and trailer don't weigh as much as thhis rig.

After leaving the rally grounds, we stopped off to eat at Fuddruckers before we went to the nightly entertainment at the Balloon Festival grounds. This is where the main group of RV's are parked. we are very glad we made the decision to stay in a full hook-up RV park. The attendees staying in this park only have a generator for electric power, no water and no sewer service. They have a water truck that will come by and fill the water tank on their trailer and then have a suction truck (honey wagon) come by to drain their waste water tanks.

We sat with Tom and Judy, Jim and Sheila Gratz and their friends David and Sue Gondren. They are all staying on the grounds nearby and had come in together and luckily found us. I thought I saw Trula, a lady we had met down at Donna, but I couldn't be sure and I couldn't get close to her.

The entertainer tonight was a group called Lala and the Hubcaps. They play music from the 50's and 60's and all the male members of the band wore wigs like Elvis and were very good and a lot of fun to watch. We enjoyed the group very much.

We lagged behind the large group leaving the park and had no trouble getting out and back onto the freeway to come back to the park.

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