Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday April 1, 2009

I woke this morning and went to the rally hall to make coffee. Bill was already down there but had not started the coffee. Other soon started to arrive, Jim, Bob and the Bobcat. We all said goodbye to Jim and he left to go get ready to leave for home today. I had seen Mack from Indiana leaving this morning while I was walking to the rally hall.

Tom and Judy arrived from Matagorda and got set up quickly. It was good to see them again, after we left Donna last month.

Ricky came by to visit for awhile, taking a break from painting the interior of his new house. Bill had gone back to Port Arthur to pick up Ornell. She had taken off this afternoon and all day tomorrow and Friday.

People from the Heartland club should start arriving today, so the party begins. Berry and Janet Sanders arrived in their Sundance trailer. I helped him get set up because he had open heart surgery in January. Around three o'clock, we saw three Heartlands coming into the park, two Landmarks and one Bighorn. Jim Beletti was in one of the Landmarks. Martin and Heather Pope, from Canada were in the other Landmark and Larry and JoAnn McCullen were in the Bighorn. The Popes and McCullens were both in the valley and are heading back to their summer location.

We sat beside my trailer and watched Jim get set up. Once he got set up, we sat around talking and decided to go eat at the Casa Imperial mexican restaurant. We all had a good time and had plenty to eat.

We returned to the park and I set up my fire pit for a small campfire tonight. It was very nice sitting around outside, the temperature was cool but it was damp. We sat outside visiting until about 10 when everyone started going home. Stella and Ornell sat out by the dying fire until about 11 o'clock.

Til next time.....

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