Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday April 2, 2009

I woke this morning to rain and gusty winds. It was pretty nasty out, with temperatures in the low 50's but I made it to the Lone Star room and made coffee for everyone. Me, Bill, Bobcat, Tom and later Jim sat around chatting and enjoying our coffee. We all went back to our rigs for breakfast. I had a bowl of cereal and learned that Jim had fixed eggs and bacon for Tom and Bill. I guess my phone was broken because I didn't get a call to come eat.....

I had been exchanging emails with Joseph Govea from Camping World about donating door prizes for the rally. We finally decided that we would just buy some items and let CW furnish whatever they want to donate. Jim and went shopping at Lone Star RV, a new dealer for Heartland and picked up some small items. they donated two nice recliners for the rally. We went to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up some kitchen and bathroom items. We ended up spending over $250.00 on door prizes.

We came back to the park and watched others arriving throughout the day. There were 9 scheduled arrivals today and they all made it. Jim B had spoken with his friend Gary Wheeler from Mor Ride Technology who is in the area for a Carriage rally. Gary wanted to come to our rally and we were able to go to the office and find him a space, the last one in the park.

We just hung out with our friends all afternoon, and decided to go eat some barbecue at the Pitmasters Barbecue. I called ahead and told them about 20 people would be coming to eat with them, and sure enough, 19 of us showed up.

We passed Tom and Marti as they were arriving. I invited them to go eat with us, but they didn't show up. When we got back to the park, I learned that a motorhome was parked in their site, so they had to wait until it left to set up and by then it was too late to come eat with us.

We had another nice fire in my fire pit. A good group came over and sat around and visited. I was tired, but stayed at the fire until Bill went in and then I went in. I was determined that he was not going to stay up later than I did.

It was a really good ending to the night. The rally starts tomorrow.

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