Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday October 7, 2009-Mansfield-Rayford

Almost home! It won't be long now.....

Since we have a problem with the oil pressure, I decided to get up early and get the oil changed, so we should have good oil pressure on the last leg of this trip. We used the GPS to find the nearest oil change place and pulled in and were immediately taken into the service bay and the work done. Upon completion, we returned to the park and hooked the trailer to the truck and were on our way. Now we have 40#+ of oil pressure, or where we need to be.

We made an uneventful trip down to Rayford where we met Melissa, Shelly and Michelle. Gwen was in her office so we had a nice visit with all of them before we went in to get set up.

Wow, I had forgotten how hot it gets in Houston. The heat and humidity took its toll on me before I got everything done. I was drenched in sweat, but everything but the satellite dish was set up. I'll do it tomorrow.

We continued with our problem with the refrigerator. When we arrived it was not working, in spite of being on all the way from Mansfield using propane. It would not come back on, but we had taken most of the items out and put them into an ice chest and added two bags of ice, so most of our food was protected. I called a service company that offered in-park service to get some help in figuring out what was wrong, but before they could call me back, the fridge started working again. This is getting really irritating! I turned it to AC and it continued to work, but about 9 o'clock, Stella checked it again and it had quit again. Now none of the control lights worked but the light in the refrigerator came on and seemed to be cool. We went to bed, not knowing if the fridge would work all night or not.

When we woke in the morning, everything was off again. I called the mobile service again and made an appointment for them to come out as soon as they can get us scheduled. We will have to pay the fee for the service call but not for any work done since they are a warranty service for Dometic. My choice was to take the entire trailer to a dealer and wait a day or two for them to have someone look at the trailer and everything would be paid by Dometic or for me to pay the service call charge and have the work done here in the park. I have friends already here in the park, so my choice was to pay for the service and have it done here. I had called the Dometic hotline but there is an endless list of service providers but none in this area were listed.

At least we're back home and in familiar territory. We love our traveling lifestyle, but its good to be home.

So long.

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Rick and Brenda said...

Glad you made it to Rayford. Hope the repairs to the truck won't be too expensive.

We hope we will be at Timber Ridge by the 28th of October.

Hope to see you sometime this winter.