Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Monday October 12, 2009-Rayford Crossing

Today began with coffee again. Our little group will get bigger and bigger as the winter Texans arrive. Of course, many of the Heartland owners will be with us this week, so we should have a better turnout then.

I came back home and we took our truck over to Jake to have the repairs made on it. We dropped it off and went to to Cracker Barrel in Conroe to eat breakfast. We went by the Park on the Lake RV park and Omega Farms to check out the RV parks for future reference. Neither one looked all that nice, so we came back to the park.

I came inside to take a short nap and when I went back out, I found that our friends Bob and Christina had gotten here and had already set up and Tom and Judy had just arrived. It was good to see our very good friend had arrived. I offered to help Tom set up but he said he didn't need any help. Bill and Ornell were moving from their site into one of the premium sites up front, so I helped them get moved. After resetting the Dish, Bill couldn't get it locked in, but he changed some of the settings and finally got it all locked in.

The power went out in the park this evening, but we all just turned the breakers off while we went to eat, so nothing would come on unexpectedly until we returned. We don't know what our refrigerator will do when the power comes back on, but we brought our little fridge back from the house as a back-up. We hope we don't need it but have it just in case.

We all decided to go eat at Pitmaster Barbecue tonight. None of today's arrivals had much to eat, so we all piled into trucks and cars and had a very nice barbecue meal. We came back to the park while some went to the grocery store. We sat out at Bill's watching the Monday Night Football game for a little while. We turned in pretty early tonight but the fun will resume tomorrow.

So long.

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