Monday, October 12, 2009

Friday October 9, 2009-Rayford Crossing

We woke this morning to warm temperatures-again-but with change coming by this afternoon. A cold front was on its way which should change things a lot. I talked to Bill, who said he was going to wait to start driving here until after the storm had passed.

I met Bobcat and Jim H. in the Lone Star room for coffee this morning and it was nice to meet with friends and to solve many of the world's problems there. This will continue to get better as more of our friends arrive for the winter.

We stayed inside most of the morning, especially after it started to rain with the front coming through. It rained very hard but we were snug and dry inside the trailer.

Johnny, the refrigerator repair man came out about 3 o'clock to check the fridge. He showed me a thermal reset switch on the rear of the unit that may be bad. He reset it and the refrigerator started working. He was unable to duplicate the problem and said to let it run all weekend and to let him know if it quit working.

Bill and Ornell arrived about 4 this afternoon. They didn't need any help in getting set up, so I just hung out with them for the rest of the afternoon. Stella had fixed her smothered steak and potatoes for supper for all of us and Ricky, who was batching it with Dee working out of state this week. We had a delightful meal and sat around chatting for awhile before turning in for the night. It was too wet and cold to sit outside. This is going to be a fun week with some of our closest friends coming in for the Heartland rally.

So long.

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Jim said...

Wish I could be in two places at once Jay. Hate to miss the fun at Rayford. But I need to be in MO for the first MO Chapter rally. I am sure we'll have a nice time in Branson.