Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunday October 25, 2009-Rayford Crossing

No coffee this morning because many of the drinkers go to church on
Sunday morning. I stayed at home and drank my coffee here. Stella made us breakfast here,.

Bob and Christina are going to the Texan's football game this morning and stopped by to ask if we would take their dog Mackie for his walk today. Of course we agreed to, so they are set to go. They said they are going to tail gate but it seems to me that their Smart Car is waaay to small to tail gate in. I also believe they should only have to pay half price for their parking because they could park two of them in one space. Bob is a huge 49'er fan, so it was a major thrill for him to get to go to Reliant stadium.

Bob and Christina's rig is a sight to see! They pull their 39' Classic Landmark trailer with "Big Mama", a 2001 Volvo tractor. Their truck is a retired over-the-road rig that has had one set of dual axles removed from the rear with a ramp installed between the cab and the trailer hitch for their Smart Car, which they use to drive around when they arrive and get set up in their site. Bob recently added a swivel-wheel trailer on the rear of the trailer to carry his Harley Davidson motorcycle. Bob has a Man's Man truck , pulling a big trailer and carrying Christina's car with Bob's motorcycle on the back. What a rig!

We stayed here in the park and went down to Tommy's motorhome to watch the football games on his outside TV set. The weather started out good, with sunny skies, but it soon became cloudy. There wasn't as much of a glare on the TV screen with the clouds, but it just wasn't as nice outside. Stella and Susan fixed us some snack of cheese dip and taco meat for nachos for our half-time lunch.

There was a group from the park going to a local restaurant for supper and a wine tasting. The restaurant had a special supper deal of five wines with a five course dinner for $35.00 per person. Since we don't drink that much wine, the four of us (Tommy, Susan, Stella and I) decided not to go but to stay here and figure out something to eat here. We later decided to go get some hamburgers at the Whataburger. We all think that they make the best hamburgers, so we all got a good meal. We came back to the park and sat out at their motorhome. Tommy gave us some more of his flavored coffee and we had some Blue Bell for dessert. Another nice day and night gone by.

So long.

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