Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Saturday October 17, 2009-Heartland rally, Rayford

We got up this morning to much cooler temperatures and met several of the guys at the rally hall. Berry had volunteered to make biscuits and gravy for everyone, so we all watched him cooking. I made plenty of coffee for the group, and we all had a nice meal. It was really good of Berry to fix breakfast for everyone.

We all went back to our trailers and hung out until about 12:30 when we met at the rally hall for a roundtable discussion of our trailers. Several of the new owners asked questions but no real issues came out of the discussion. In the past, many people had complained about factory issues, but since we had no one from the factory here, no real complaints came up.

We all met at the rally hall for a potluck dinner. As usual, it was delicious. We had waaay more food than we needed and no one went away hungry. We went over to Bill's trailer since it had turned cooler and sat around the campfire. We sat outside until after 10 when people started turning in. Unfortunately, almost everyone is leaving tomorrow. It was a very nice ending to our rally.

So long.

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