Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friday October 2, 2009-High Desert RV Park

Today was our first full day in Albuquerque, so we decided to go eat some breakfast to take in some of the local flavor. As you can see from this photo, Stella is still fascinated by the artwork that the city has added to their overpasses. She noticed these the last time we were here in April and she still loves to take the photos.
We saw this lone balloon floating around on the west side of town, some distance from the balloon festival. of course we don't know where this one came from, and it is likely a part of the fiesta that begins tomorrow but its the first one we saw, so she took a picture of it.
We ate breakfast at a little local restaurant named Mac's. We ate there primarily because we saw ambulances, city trucks and a fire truck at the cafe, so we figured that if all these city workers ate there, it must be pretty good. The food was actually pretty good but the wait staff was badly understaffed, so we got pretty poor service.
After eating, we went exploring out toward the Balloon Festival grounds. This is where the entertainment portion of the Good Sam rally had been held in April, so I remembered how to get there. We saw the parking lots that were several blocks from the site, which reinforced our plan to catch a transit bus in the morning. We had picked up a sheet from the park office about where to go to catch the bus, which we also rehearsed. I figured it is better to check it out now in daylight than to wait until early in the morning.
I stopped off at a truck parts store and bought a new cap for the auxiliary tank. The old one is badly rusted and looks terrible, so I replaced it. We returned to the park to play with Cassie and to take a nap in preparation for getting up very early in the morning. We stayed in and watched a little television for the rest of the night. Tomorrow's the big day!
So long.

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