Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Friday October 16, 2009, Heartland rally-Rayford

We began the day with coffee in the rally hall but Bobcat had already planned to fix breakfast burritos for everyone. He brought all of his makings to the Rayford room and made delicious burritos for anyone that came down for breakfast.

We watched the last of the attendees arriving during the day. coming in were Tom and Marti Mangum, Billy Holt and his family and their friend Don McGee in SOB (some other brand) along with his family, and Bill's son Tommy along with his wife and son.

Tom and I took his truck to Planet Ford to have the fuel filters changed out. He has about 17000 miles on it and it was time to get it done. Tom and I browsed around the lot looking at trucks but didn't find anything we couldn't live without. The bad thing was the price the dealer charges for the filter change, $182.00! This seems outrageous to me, since I know the filter can be bought for about $80. Like the GM dealer charged me, there was a $27 charge for "environmental and clean up parts". They charge for disposal of the used fuel filter and the shop towels that are used by the mechanic. Ridiculous!!

Johnny from Northwest RV had come back to look at the refrigerator again. He found some corrosion on one of the circuit boards in the refrigerator. He said he would call Dometic on Monday to order the part and that it will take a few days to come in. The refrigerator is still running and holding about 36 degrees, so all is well, at least for now.

We came back to the park and almost everyone decided that we would order pizzas for supper. I called my friend Don at Donnelly's Pizza on Rayford Rd. and he discounted the prices for us, so we placed our order with them. We had a nice meal and after, a group of us decided to use the karaoke machine in the rally room. Me, Jim Gratz, Ken and Kathy Adams and Bob and Sue sang songs and acted silly until we all sang everything we knew and then went over to Bill's trailer, where most of the gathering had gone on all week, to hang out with the rest of the group that was still awake. I didn't stay too long because I was tired, and came on home.

I later learned that Bill and Ornell and Dee had gone into the hot tub later but were soon asked to get out by the park's new security guard. There has been trouble with outsiders using the hot tub and pool, so now they lock them up at night at 11:30 on the weekends. There was no problem with them being asked to leave because he is just doing his job.

The rally is off to a good start.

So long.

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