Friday, October 2, 2009

Thursday October 1, 2009-Moving Day

Cassie was very cold this morning. It was 29 degrees here, although the weather guessers had said it could be much colder. The closest town to us is Rico and the temperature there was forecast to be 14, so we were glad they were wrong. We got up later than we wanted to but still got everything done and pulled out before 10 o'clock. We bid the mountains goodbye in great weather, cold but clear.
We saw some pretty rock formations across New Mexico desert on our way to Albuquerque. Stella said this one looks like a big office building. The roads on Hwy. 491 were very bad but we endured them and once we got onto Hwy. 550 the road got much better.
We decided to stop at a truck stop in Bloomfield for fuel instead of transferring fuel like we normally would. We took 13.1 gallons of diesel to go 153 miles for an 11.6 MPG average. Fuel there was $2.449 per gallon, while it was $2.669 at the City Market in Cortez where we had filled up. If we had known there was this much of a price difference, we would have waited to fill up.

Here is another rock formation that we saw along the way. Stella said this one looks like a big church. At least we got out of the desert and into more vegetation. There were some color in the trees here but nothing like what we had just left in Colorado.
It was a long day of driving but we made it here by 4 o'clock. We got all set up including the porch by about 5 and all of us were tired, especially Cassie:

It was hard work for her to get us here and she got some well deserved rest when we arrived. We had leftovers for supper and just chilled out in front of the television. I got caught up on my blog posts and went to bed early. Tomorrow we scout out where the transit bus will pick us up for the balloon festival.
So long.

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