Monday, October 19, 2009

Thursday October 15, 2009-Heartland rally, Rayford

Today more of our Heartland friends are scheduled to arrive. We met some of the new folks coming to their first rally, Buddy and Maureen Riddle, Jaime Gallegos and his family, Charlie and Peggy Harris, Charles Bland and Ruth Fauss and old friends from previous rallies, Jim Glasgow, Joe Grundmeyer, and Dick Savoie.

Stella and some of the other girls went to Hobby Lobby and some other stores to shop while us guys stayed in the park and napped or hung out. It was nice to just relax and spend time with our friends.

When they got back, we decided to grill our supper on the propane grill at his site. We all had a nice meal and sat around visiting after our meal. It was still very hot so we didn't have a campfire.

Today was the first day of the rally, but the rest of the folks will be here tomorrow. I took a count of the rigs in the park and there were 17 here tonight.

So long.

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