Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Monday October 26, 2009-Rayford Crossing

I began the day with coffee as usual in the rally hall. It rained all night and day long and the weather guessers on TV advised everyone to stay at home if at all possible, so instead of going down to see Stella's clients, we stayed here.

I went over to talk to Bob and Christina and while there, our friend Ted Rogers dropped by to say hello. He and Donna had just gotten back from a trip to Europe, documented in their blog here. They just returned from a long trip around the country, ending in Idaho at Yellowstone National Park before leaving for Europe, so they are officially our world traveling friends.

After Ted left, Rick and Brenda came by. They had stopped off here after arriving at Timber Ridge and finding their site occupied, so they came over here. They had just gotten in from their long trip of the summer and were here to work camp at Timber Ridge. They had traveled most of the way with Ted and Donna. Donna had acted as their "tour guide" for the trip, which we would have made with them if the house had sold as planned.

It was a nice day to visit with them all and we hung out here at the park until supper time when Tommy and Susan asked to go eat with them. We decided on mexican food and tried out El Palenque restaurant. Tommy and Susan had eaten there before but we had not. It was some of the better mexican food that we had gotten and we will go back.

It was too wet to sit out tonight, so we all went home and relaxed.

So long.

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