Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday October 24, 2009-Rayford Crossing

Today I went down and made the coffee, thinking that some more would come down, but only Jim and Frank came. Frank had been barbecuing all night long and brought in the brisket that he had done. It sure made me hungry, smelling all that meat....

We ate in the trailer this morning and just piddled around. I went for a short walk but kept running into folks that wanted to chat, so I didn't get as much walking in as I did chatting.

We went down to see Tom and Judy and Jim and Sheila this afternoon. Jim and Judy are undergoing treatment for cancer at MD Anderson. Judy hasn't gotten any treatment yet but will start on Tuesday when they do a biopsy to plan the attack on her cancer. Jim has started his treatment three days ago and said he feels poorly. We sat out at Tom's trailer and had a very nice visit. Jim told us some stories from his career as a Houston Police officer. He worked in the video-taping unit and had many stories to tell us of taking photos and videos of notables and radical groups.

We decided to get something to eat, so we took everyone to Cafe Adobe on Westheimer. Jim decided not to go since he has started his treatment, so he is more susceptible to infection and doesn't want to be around a lot of people and risk catching something. Everyone had a great meal and we enjoyed the company.

As we drove around Houston, both going down and coming back, I was able to show Bob and Christina some points of interest. We made plans to go for a drive next week so that they can sightsee and I will drive them around.

We came back to the park about 8:00 and found that there was a big party going on at Jerry and Diane's site. In fact, they had shut down a part of the road so that everyone could sit on the concrete and stay off the soft grass. We went by and found that another couple, Bob and Peg, had just arrived. They are also winter Texans, so it was good to see them again. I came back home about 9:30 and Stella followed shortly after. I was tired from driving and not having much of a nap this afternoon LOL. It was a very nice day.

So long.

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