Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friday October 23, 2009-Rayford Crossing

This morning I got up to go down to the Lone Star room to make the coffee but when I got to the restroom area, I noticed a man standing in the pavilion next to the barbecue smoker, which had smoke coming out of the stack. I didn't know why someone would be out at 6:30 in the morning, cooking barbecue, so I walked over toward him. Just as I did, I saw another figure coming out of the darkness toward the man. It turned out to be my friend Frank, who then introduced me to his son Donald, who was cooking briskets this morning. Frank said it was for the park, so that they would have some meat that was cooked for upcoming meetings. I left them to go put the coffee on, but realized that I had left my key at home. I went and got it and returned to make the coffee.

Later in the morning, I went for a walk with Nancy, Frank's wife. The weather is spectacular today with cool temperatures in the morning and about 70 degree days with no clouds in the sky. This is Chamber of Commerce weather if there ever was.

Billy and Gwen came by the trailer this afternoon with my new Committee Member sign. I volunteered to be a member of the committee that plans some of the activities for the Winter Texans in the park. Billy and Gwen have graciously given the committee $400 as seed money for our activities again this year. Last year's committee raised enough money to pay for a very nice meal for the group. I'm sure that we'll do just fine this year.

Dee contacted us to invite us to go out to eat with she and Ricky tonight to celebrate his birthday. We went with Tommy and Susan and met Jerry and Diane at Hyden's Restaurant in Conroe to help celebrate. Ricky's Big 50 birthday. It was a total surprise to him to see all of us in the room waiting for them. Great fun......

We came back to the park and sat outside at Tommy's site at a campfire. I had brought my firepit down to Tommy's this afternoon in preparation for this, and we all had a very nice time, sitting out and visiting.

So long.

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