Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sunday October 18, 2009-Heartland rally, Rayford

Today is the final day of the rally. Most of the people will be going back home or to another park. A few of us met in the rally hall before the exodus began. We had one couple in a Cyclone toyhauler that had come in and immediately told us that he had a post on the Heartland Owner's forum that had been removed because he had been very critical of his trailer and some problems he had. They had not participated in any of our activities or meals, and they left early this morning. I stepped out of the rally hall to tell them goodbye, but he sped off without stopping. He rolled his window down as if to say something to me, but he never stopped. At least I tried to be nice to him.....

One by one, our friends began to leave. I got around to most of them to have a last visit. I missed spending a lot of time with Tom and Judy or Jim and Sheila but they are just going to another park in Houston that is near the medical center. Both Jim and Judy have recently been diagnosed with cancer, Jim in his esophagus and Judy in her bladder. They will begin their treatment next week so they can beat this disease.

Almost everyone got on the road by noon, which is the normal checkout time. Charles and Ruth had gone to church and were leaving later, but Bobcat and Pat and Jerry and Diane are leaving tomorrow. Bob and Christina are going to be here at the park for a month.

After everyone left, I hooked up the truck to the trailer to demonstrate the damage and to take photos. I emailed the photos to Heartland and Camping World and copied Jim Beletti to keep him abreast of what was going on.

It was a tiring day to visit with and see our friends leaving but we are pretty used to it. We have always found it interesting to see everyone loading up and leaving and we get to stay here.

So long.

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