Friday, October 23, 2009

Thursday October 22, 2009-Rayford Crossing

I woke about 3 o'clock this morning because of the heavy rain. It had been raining lightly when I went to bed, but the rain had gotten much harder during the night. It rained and rained, so about 5, I went back to sleep in my chair. I decided not to go down to have coffee because of the rain, which turned out to be the right decision, because I later learned that Jim was the only one that went down this morning.

We just stayed inside this morning and I got caught up on my Facebook pages. I have been adding many friends on Facebook in the last few days, so this was a good time to take care of this. Since I get an email every time I add a friend, I have been getting lots of mail.

Tommy and Susan arrived in the middle of the afternoon. I went down to see them but when they didn't need any help in setting up, I came back home and took my afternoon nap, typical day in my life......

Stella and I went for a walk late in the afternoon and stopped off at Tommy and Susan's motorhome. We sat outside with them for awhile and Gwen, Billy and Nick stopped by. We had a nice visit with them and made some recommendations to Nick about the kind of car he should get when he gets his drivers license in about five months. Gwen wants him to have a truck, but Tommy and I recommended a Corvette. How cool would that be? To be 16 years old with a Corvette?? Somehow I don't think Gwen is going to go along with our idea.

We went back home about 7:30 when it started getting cool outside. After the rain, the weather has been spectacular.

So long.

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