Monday, October 12, 2009

Thursday October 8, 2009-Rayford Crossing

Oh yeah, it's great to be back at home! We didn't do too much today except to see old friends that are already here like Jim and Rita H. and Jim and Danna F.. Jim and Rita work here in the fall and winter doing odd jobs around the park. Jim F. works at night as the security guard. There has been a rash of thefts and mischief done in the park, so now he rides around in the golf cart and makes sure everything is safe for the rest of us.

I walked down to the storage area near the office where Jim H. was working on a new bird cage for a new Macaw that they are buying. I helped him get some of the cage put together until I saw a Landmark trailer coming in. I went to the office to greet the man who was checking in, but I soon learned that he was here for another rally and was not interested in hearing about the Heartland rally next week. I went back by his trailer but never saw him outside again. The other rally group was not all that friendly, so we pretty much stayed away from them for the weekend.

Stella and I went to the Texas Truck Center where we looked at a 2007 Ford truck that they had for sale. After looking it over, we realized that it would not fit our needs, so we left. We went to the China Bear restaurant for some oriental food, which was one of the ones that we had missed on our trip to Colorado.

I did get a key to the Lone Star room so we can have coffee in the morning again. It will be like old times again to be able to hang out with the guys in the morning over coffee. It's great to be back.....

So long.

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