Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tuesday October 27, 2009-Rayford Crossing

Today Stella needed to go down to Clear lake to see her clients, so after finishing my coffee we left. We made a quick trip down the freeway and got to Dr. Merritt's clinic in Webster about 10. We then went to the Mainland Center Hospital about 11:30. I stayed in the truck while Stella went to see her clients and read a book. I like doing that because I don't get to read all that much in the trailer.

When we got through at the hospital, we went back to Dickinson to go by the old house. Along the way, I found some diesel at a cheaper price (2.539), so I stopped and filled up the small tank. I took 22 gallons to go 373.3 miles for a 16.9 average. This is still not up to the old mileage, but still better than most gasoline engines.

We went by the house and picked up our mail and a few other items and came back to the park. We had been invited over to Bob and Christina's friends Jerry and Joanne's house for supper of hamburgers. Joanne made a cranberry salad which looked like a red cole slaw to me, but it was very good. Perhaps my cook (Stella) will get the recipe and make it for us?

We stayed inside and chatted with them for awhile before coming back home. Another peaceful night at Rayford Crossing.

I should mention here that I got an email invitation to something called Desktop Dating that apparently got into my email addresses and sent out email invitations in my name to everyone in my book. I am very sorry for this mistake and can only tell anyone that got one of these from me to discard it as it is spam. I haven't done any dating in a long time because my wife doesn't like it when I go out on Friday or Saturday nights. Especially when I leave her at home to cook and clean while I'm out "dating". Women are funny that way.

So long.

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