Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday October 20, 2009-Rayford Crossing

I guess you can call me the coffee-meister since I have made the coffee every morning since we came back. I am usually up anyway and I like meeting the other guys in the morning.

I cleaned the truck up this morning. It was filthy from the trip and the mud around the repair shop, which is at a private residence. I guess the good thing about having a light film of oil and diesel fuel on the truck was that water just rolls off. It cleaned up pretty well, but will take some time for the oil to wear off. I used Dawn soap to wash it but it didn't cut through the grease like I thought it would.

Bob and Christina rode down to Galveston today with their friends. They asked us to keep an eye on their trailer and to take their dog Mackey for a walk in the afternoon. Stella took him before she took Cassie out for her afternoon walk.

I received an email from Jim Fenner at Heartland about the repairs to the trailer. He said that they will take care of me in Elkhart but since they are booked up until November, we can wait until spring to bring it in to have the repairs made. I told him that we will being it in after the April rally and he assured me that he doesn't think any further damage will occur by letting it go.

Our old friends Jerry and Diane from Canada arrived this afternoon. I went over after they had gotten set up and visited with them. Our refrigerator tech, Johnny was also there and I gave him his service manual back. He had left it on the picnic table behind the trailer and the owner of the motorhome that was parked there had brought it over to me to keep.

I sent an email to the Surge Guard company about our electrical protector. The wire bundle is pulling away from the protector box. I will have to see what their warranty is.

We stayed in tonight and watched television. It is so nice to be able to watch local television. When we were in Colorado there was no local television reception and we only got partial service on the Dish so it is nice to be able to watch NCIS and the other shows that we have missed. Not to mention being able to watch football.

So long.

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