Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday October 21, 2009-Rayford Crossing

I got up for coffee again this morning. Others soon arrived and we had good conversations, avoiding religion and especially politics. In the past, there have been some political discussions with some of the people getting upset, so now we try to avoid talk about the crooks that are in office.

I came back home and ate some cheese and crackers for my breakfast. Stella worked on some of her client's accounts and stayed busy. We went to Wal Mart for our grocery shopping. While going, we stopped off at the Big Lots store to look around but didn't find anything to buy. We stopped off at the bank and deposited some money I had gotten after I sold one of my pistols to Bob and he paid me in cash. I would like to sell some other guns but haven't found a buyer yet.

It began to rain while we were in the store, so we came back home and watched the rain. Heavy squalls continued all afternoon, so we didn't get out again. There are some low areas in the park where water stands, so we were quite content to stay inside, warm and dry.

Awhile later, our friend Christina came over to make plans for the next few days. We decided to go out to eat on Friday night and to go visit Tom and Judy and Jim and Sheila at the Lakeview RV park near the medical center.

We watched television all evening and I worked on my Facebook account. I'm not sure how many friends I have now, but there's a bunch. I have been blessed all my life to have so many friends and it is fun to catch up with them again using FB.

So long.

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