Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sunday October 11, 2009-Rayford Crossing

We began the morning with coffee in the rally hall. I'm sure that this will be the norm every morning until we leave. We added John, another long-term resident of the park, to our group. Again we solved many of the nation's problems this morning before we adjourned and returned to our homes.

Bill and I set up my Dish this morning. Sunday is one of my favorite days for television with a group of car shows in the morning and football in the afternoon. I had been able to watch the car shows while we were in Colorado but had not been able to watch football.

I had just begun to watch the football game when the phone rang with Dee calling to invite us to their house to watch the game and eat supper. She had fixed some bean and sausage soup, so we got our stuff together and rode over with Bill and Ornell. We had a very nice meal and watched Dallas win and Houston lose a heartbreaker. We were all full when we got back home, so we didn't sit outside tonight.

Stella talked to Kim this afternoon and learned that they had gone to Lisa's house in Blessing for Savanna's birthday party. Cameron had strep throat and had stayed home from school the latter part of the week, but I want to see the boys as soon as I can. I had hoped to see them today but it won't happen now.

More of our friends will start arriving for the Heartland rally next week, so things around here should change soon. We can't wait to see our friends!

So long.

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