Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday October 19, 2009-Rayford Crossing

Since most of the Heartlanders had left, there weren't many people at the coffee this morning, only two of us.

Bobcat was soon ready to leave and right behind him was Jerry and Diane. We visited with both of them before they left, but both were gone by the noon check out time. That leaves only us and Bob and Christina.

We stayed around the trailer most of the day but there was a winter Texan meeting this afternoon at 4. I invited Bob to go with us and he accepted. We heard about many of the plans that are in place for the rest of the year. I was elected to the committee that meets to decide other activities for the year. When we didn't think we were going to stay here that long, I notified Gwen and they found a tentative replacement for me. We have changed our mind and are planning to stay here until the middle of December, so I can still serve on the committee. I just hope Bob was impressed with the events coming up here at Rayford.

We all brought snacky foods, so we had something to eat before we left. It was good to see some of our old friends with many others on their way here to the park.

So long.

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