Saturday, June 18, 2011

Friday June 17, 2011-Goshen Fairground

I guess I can't brag about cool weather right now. It is still much cooler than Houston but not cold like it has been. We've been having daytime temps in the mid 80's so its back to normal for now.

I took some photos of last night's party but they are very slow to download. When they do, I'll make another post with the pictures on it.

We went over to Miller Finishing this morning to pick up our little fold-up table. I have missed this thing since its been gone. I got so used to having it to throw my name tags, glasses or cell phone on, and didn't know where to put this stuff without my table! It's back now and finished beautifully. If you're ever in this area and need furniture finished, they are the place to go.

We returned to the park and made it to our Heartland Ambassador meeting. We have enjoyed our time as ambassadors and it is nice to be able to meet the others and discuss our experiences. Jim is very supportive and we had a very good meeting. After the meeting, we were both tired and didn't go to any more seminars but I know they were interesting.

I contacted Flair Mfg. the maker of our interior furniture, about our recliners. Mark from the company came to our trailer and agreed to exchange our bad chairs for some leather-covered ones. We went to his office to look at the chairs and we had soom made the deal. Mark and another man brought the chairs out and installed them in the trailer, so now we have new chairs AND a new table in the living room! Incidentally, Stella called Lippert and ordered a Level-Up system for me, to be installed on the trailer in September. We had decided to not have these put on until we were convinced the trailer was repaired and since we have tested it pretty well, she decided to buy it for me. We will have to come back from Michigan this way, so we will stop off in Elkhart and stay a week or so and have it installed.

We went to the catered dinner with entertainment in the rally hall. Jim McGee's wife Bette invited us to sit with them, right in front of the stage and we enjoyed the great seats. We had a good meal of pork shops and veggies but the entertainment was wonderful. Piano Wars was a group that we had seen on our last rally here and they didn't disappoint us this time. They played until after ten o'clock and best of all, I stayed up to watch the performance!

We have really enjoyed this year's rally and I have gotten some good ideas for our own rallies back in Texas. Stay tuned to hear how they go.

So long.

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Ted and Donna said...

Jay, it only took Big Foot a morning to put ours on our last HH. Are we going to see you at Addison Oaks or is the snake scaring you off? LOL