Friday, June 3, 2011

Thursday June 2, 2011-Red Roof Inn-Elkhart IN

When I went down to get coffee for us this morning about 7:30, it was about 53 degrees! Wow, we hadn't planned for cold weather when we packed up our clothes, so I had to make it in the cold but it soon warmed up. Warmed up into the mid 60's today. I knew there was a reason I like coming up here in the summer. I later talked to my friend John who is back at Rayford and he said the temp there has already been approaching 100 degrees. Summer is coming early for them!

We went to eat breakfast and went by the factory where our trailer was being worked on. Our trailer had already been repaired by welding a large 1/4" piece of steel to strengthen the front end as well as a corner bracket to further strengthen the pivot point for the front overhang. They said they had missed this last year when we had work done on the same problem. There were a couple of other items that had just come up that they are going to look at and then they will take the trailer for a ride to see if they can break it again. I'd much rather have them break it and then be ready to fix it than me taking it out and having something come loose. These guys are so good at their jobs, they can blow one of these trailers apart and when they get them back together, you never know it. I am truly in awe of the work they do.

We came back to the room and gathered up our dirty clothes and took them to the laundromat where Stella got them washed up. After taking the clean clothes back to the room, we walked over to the Menard's store next door to do a little shopping. Menard's is a huge store with everything from food to hardware. It's a super Wal Mart on steroids!

We went back to our room and laid around a bit before walking over to the North Garden oriental restaurant for supper. We had eaten here several times last year and had enjoyed it but when we returned, we were told that there had been some problems with the restaurant and that it had been closed for a short time. We were a bit leery of it at first, but noticed that there were lots of cars there now, so we decided to try it. We were glad we did, because the food was good, not great, but good. We enjoyed our meal and also enjoyed some of the people in the restaurant. I have always liked to "people watch" but one couple in there were especially interesting. Remind me sometime and I'll tell you about them.

When we got back to the room, I had a call from Jim Fenner at Heartland. He said our trailer would be ready by about 10:30 tomorrow and for us to wait until then to come over. It kind of worried me to have hm tell me that because I thought it was done today. I hope I'm just being paranoid. Tomorrow will tell.

So long.

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