Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday June 7, 2011-Elkhart Campground

This isn't from anything we did today, but was a limo that we saw in Indianapolis when we went through on our way to Elkhart. I thought it was pretty cool and asked Stella to take a picture of it for you.

This is just one of the gorgeous farms in the Shipshewana area. The photo doesn't do it justice and there are so many around that it would take a week just to record them.

This is the landscaping in front of a residence that also sells quilts. The landscaping and yard maintenance is done by the women and children. Its an Amish thing...

One of the hundreds-probably thousands-of Amish buggies seen around the countryside. It is so cool to see these things clip-clopping down the road. To me this is just another illustration of the serenity of the area.

This is the children's method of transportation. Some of the young adults ride bicycles also. We met a young man at a store today that said he rode his bike to work in deep snow. And to think, all we did was walk to school in the snow....in Galveston....uphill.....both ways.

Horses attached to their buggies, waiting in the parking lot for their masters. I know the stores make arrangements and accommodate people in buggies, so I'm sure that businesses that employ Amish have a way for their employees to care for their animals.

A better look at the horses and buggies. I guess the one on the left is a sport model with the top down. We saw several of these topless models today.

The nice weather is gone, at least for today and probably tomorrow. The temperature climbed all the way to 97 degrees today and tomorrow is supposed to be as bad. The normal temp for this date is 78 for a high, so everyone is suffering.

I am planning to get more information about this area and the Amish people. I will share it with you when I do.

So long.

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Jim and Dee said...

You're in my home area. We had the same experiences this week with the Amish in PA. Take it all in, there's lots to learn.