Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tuesday June 21, 2011-Goshen Fairgrounds

We had promised Jim that we would make coffee for him this morning because he was pulling out this morning. I went out to walk around for a bit and found the owners of a Big Country across the street from us that was with the new rally. We chatted a bit and I learned that they bought the trailer in February from Ron Hoover in Donna at our dealer open house there. They had come as guests of another Heartland owner that had come to the open house. They didn't know about the Heartland rally that had just ended or about the forum or owner's until I told them about them. Its a small world.

Stella made some pigs in a blanket for Jim as well as coffee, and Ken and Kathy also came over. We all sat around and talked until the time came for Jim to hitch up and leave. Ken and Kathy went back home and Stella and I went over to pick up our friends Doug and Judy for a trip to Shipshewanna for the day. It was overcast but very warm at the flea market but we stayed for about two hours before giving up the shopping. Doug and Judy were in the market for some new recliners and possibly a couch, so we took them to Lambrights chairs to look at them. Judy found some chairs that she liked but they decided to wait to make their purchase. Lambright makes some of the finest chairs that we have seen but we just got some new chairs. Lucky for me, if Judy and Stella had gotten together, Doug and I would have had to install chairs and no telling what else.

We ate at the Essenhaus restaurant in Middlebury today. This is a large Amish store and restaurant that has a lot to offer. I can recommend this place for it's authentic Amish food and the many Amish-made items sold in the store. If you're in the area, do stop by. It's wonderful.

We came back to the fairgrounds and dropped Doug and Judy off before we came home in time for me to get in a short nap and then watch my usual Tuesday night television fare of NCIS. It was another nice day in the midwest.

So long.

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