Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday June 26, 2011-Moving Day-Detroit-Greenfield RV Park to Addison Oaks County park

Today is the day that we moved on from Ypsilanti to Leonard MI but the day started off badly. We had a flat on the left rear of the trailer when I went outside to start working. I figured that the way the tire got flattened was when I ran over a stump getting into the site here and decided to try to add air to the tire before we called for road service for help. Then I discovered that the air chuck on my compressor just fell apart, so I walked to the office and borrowed one there. I ran into another friend, Ed, that I knew from Mission West that works here during the summer. Ed let me use the air chuck off the big compressor they have in their shop.

I went back home and added air to the tire and it worked! I was worried that the stump might have damaged the tire but it had not, so I put a little more than 70 pounds in when my compressor started heating up from running so much and I stopped. We finished getting ready to leave and stopped at the park shop and I finished filling the tire. We actually pulled out about 10:30 but our destination is only about 70 miles away, so we were right on time. We had talked last night about leaving about 10, so we weren't too late.

We made good time down the highway toward Leonard, and only stopped once to check the tire. Everything was fine except that the roads in Michigan Suck! We had the dreaded back and forth chucking of the trailer for about five miles and the roads in the rest area were absolutely the worst.

We got here about noon without any problems. They have a really funny way of reserving their sites. When I called to reserve a site, I was told that I would have to move sites if I reserved but if I did what they call a walk-in, I could get a site and stay there for the entire two weeks that we will be here. They also told us to go down into the park and pick one out but then instead of backing the trailer in and calling them to give them our site number, they said I had to drive out with the trailer to tell them which site we wanted. We had to drive out of the park and about 2 or 3 miles to find a place to turn around. Crazy rules!

We got a nice place and got all settled in when the park host, Jim, came over to chat. Both he and his wife still work and they are leaving later tonight. We had a nice talk with him. He owns a Montana trailer and asked many questions about our Bighorn. He said he is looking for a new trailer and I told him about the Heartland brands and he seemed interested.

We were tired and fixed some supper and just hung out tonight. Been a long day...

So long.

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Ted and Donna said...

There system is stupid. Even though lots of campers leave on Sunday, they won't go and pull tags until 3 pm! So all those green dots do not necessarily have campers on them. Glad you are settled and we'll see you Tuesday.