Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday June 15, 2011-Goshen Fairgrounds

We woke early this morning because Jim had asked us to be responsible for making coffee for the group this morning. We went to the rally hall in a rainstorm and cold weather. It wasn't all that cold exactly but it was chilly and wet.

We didn't really know how many to expect this morning so we just played it by ear. The club rented a Bunn commercial coffee maker and a large insulated container that held about fifteen pots of coffee. We filled it up and kept it full all morning long and let me tell you, it kept me busy! We didn't serve breakfast and not that many people came, but the ones that did certainly soaked up the coffee.

We went to a couple of seminars and walked around in the vendor area. We did get some LED light bulbs and will return tomorrow to get the rest that we need. These bulbs are much brighter than the normal bulbs and they last about ten times as long, so they're worth the added expense.

We had a Chapter Leader meeting during the lunch break and met all the other chapter leaders, old and new. It was nice to get to meet some of the other leaders that we've only talked to online.

We took a break after lunch and came home for awhile. I didn't feel too well and tried to take a nap in my chair. I figured the rain and cold would make me drowsy but it didn't seem to work, so we returned to the hall and listened to a few more seminars. When they were over we went to the South Side Diner in Goshen for a burger. They were very good and we saw several of our Heartland friends there.

We returned to the park and went to the rally hall to make more coffee for the night time meeting. We had a dessert potluck tonight and didn't think that many people would drink coffee, but boy, were we wrong! We went through more than two three pound cans of coffee today! We also went through five cases of bottled water and several brought bottles of wine to drink with their dessert.

Jim went over the agenda for the rest of the week. We're all proud to be members of the largest rally that Heartland has ever had. We are looking forward to the rest of the week here with our friends. I will take more photos when there is something interesting.

So long.

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