Friday, June 10, 2011

Thursday June 9, 2011-Moving Day-Elkhart Campground to Bear Run Campground, Portersville PA

We were up pretty early this morning to get started on our big move. Of course, it was raining and cool outside, about 66 degrees, but I went on out and got started. The load-up went well and we actually pulled out about ten minutes 'til nine.

We had registered our new toll road I-Zoom pass last night, so this morning, with some trepidations, we entered the toll road and had no problems at all! I am sold on the toll road, it is easy to access, a very good road and their rest stops-which are about 30-40 miles apart-have both fuel and food available to all the users. We stopped three times along the road and thoroughly enjoyed our drive. It rained on us just about all the way across Indiana but the traffic wasn't bad at all. When we entered Ohio, I was surprised that the I-Zoom lanes ere separate but we still had to take a ticket instead of having our tag read. When we got to the other side of Ohio, I learned that our tag had not been registered in Ohio for some reason, but it only caused a small slowdown when we had to pay the toll. We plan to use the toll road when we return to Indiana on Sunday.

We pulled into the park about 3:30 and met several other Heartland owners that were already here. This park isn't what we're used to for the money, but its only a weekend trip here and we can deal with it until Sunday. The park is on a hill and the sites, while plenty wide enough, aren't very level. We are surrounded by trees which makes our using our dish impossible. There is pretty good reception on the antenna on the trailer for local channels, so I guess Stella will have to miss out on the Food Network for a few days. There is also very poor water pressure here but I managed to get a good shower.

At least the weather has cooled off. It was very pleasant to sit outside and chat with our neighbors. We are looking forward to a good time this weekend with our new friends.

So long.

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