Thursday, June 23, 2011

Monday June 20, 2011-Goshen Fairgrounds

We woke to the first full day after the rally ended and made coffee. While drinking our coffee, Jim B. came by and invited us to go to breakfast with him. Of course we agreed and we were soon on our way. Jim had heard of a new place called Stackers Pancake House from a bus driver, so we decided to go check it out. Man, let me tell you, we loved the breakfast there. Jim and I tried the home-made corned beef hash with eggs and it was very good.

When we came back to the fairground, Stella decided to go to a washateria to wash up our clothes. I took her and dropped her off and went to look for a computer battery for my laptop. Mine has gone out and I have to keep it plugged in to work. If it comes unplugged or if the dogs get tangled up in the cord and it unplugs, the computer immediately goes dead. I went to all the computer stores in Goshen but couldn't find anyone that stocks laptop batteries. I went back and picked up Stella up and took her home in time to learn that Jim was taking all the Chapter Leaders, Ambassadors and Moderators that were still in the park out for supper tonight. We all met at the Lux cafe in Goshen. We all had a great time talking about the rally and just visiting.

I told some of the guys about my air horn shorting out the other day. The power wire had gotten pinched in the waterproof lid of the fuse box, so when we got back to the fairgrounds, Terry H. told me to stop by his place and he fixed it for me. The wire wasn't broken but had been pinched enough that the power had been cut off, so he replaced it. It works well now, and I think I cleaned out some earwax when I gave them a little blast with the train horn. It's nice to have friends that carry lots of parts and are willing to help.

Another rally started arriving today, so it became apparent why so many of the Heartlanders had to move. This was a pretty small rally, but they filled up the sites around us. Everyone around us had either moved or left the park, so we were the only Bighorn among the rally-goers. We can handle it because we have other Heartlands just around the corner if we need back-up. Probably won't, but they're there if we need them.

So long.

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