Friday, June 17, 2011

Thursday June 16, 2011-Goshen Fairgrounds

We woke early again to help John Belinski with the coffee making this morning. It was cool again this morning, about 60 degrees, but not raining again. The coffee-making process is really quite simple but we were there just to help our friend.

We hung around for some of the sessions this morning. I liked the one from the Dexter axle representative on axle and suspension maintenance. Although I don't do the actual work, it was nice to hear what should be looked for and signs of damage to the suspension. We later bought some VERY expensive LED light bulbs to replace what we have. LED lights furnish much more light and last about ten times what a normal bulb lasts, so in our opinion they're worth it.

Stella decided that she wanted to leave the park for lunch today, so we went to the King Buffet oriental food. The food was pretty good and was the first oriental food that we have had in awhile.

We returned to the park and went by the display trailers to look again. We'd love to have a new one and now would be the ideal time with the show discounts and such, but we just can't make up our minds. We went back home and Stella decided not to go back to the hall for seminars this afternoon. I worked again on our dish antenna that wouldn't lock in on a satellite and finally got it to work. There's a long, sad story there that I won't tell you about but at least the antenna works now.

I went to a couple more seminars before I returned home to relax for a bit before the big potluck supper tonight. Amazingly, about 450 people got fed without serious problems. There were two serving tables with lines on both sides of the tables, so it went pretty smoothly. Our table was the very last one called but there was still enough food for us to have plenty to eat. We heard a speaker on the history of RV'ing that was pretty interesting and then had door prizes given out. Jim bought some really nice prizes and all enjoyed the time together. We went over to Ken and Kathy's to sit outside with them and their neighbors Tab and his wife. We came on home when the bugs started biting.

It was another long day but we had fun and enjoyed ourselves. Those that weren't able to come to this rally missed a good one.

So long.

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