Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunday June 5, 2011-Elkhart Campground

Today dawned bright and cool again. My outside thermometer is on the fritz and won't communicate with the inside one, but weather said it was 58 degrees this morning. It feels good inside, in my blanket... I feel guilty saying that because the temps in Houston are over 100 already!

Remember yesterday, our friends CJ and JD who are right next door invited us for breakfast? This morning, we made plans to go to Ryan's for breakfast. They serve a huge breakfast buffet on Saturday and Sunday and we decided to go there today. The first thing I smelled when we walked in was blueberries. I couldn't wait to get my hands on the blueberry pancakes! I got back to the table and guess what? They weren't blueberries, they were chocolate chip! The blueberries that I had smelled were the muffins. I don't care for chocolate chip pancakes, so they were taken away but trust me, there was plenty of other delicious food for us to stuff ourselves on. We had a very nice breakfast and were plenty full when we left.

We came back home and played with the dogs until time for the church services here in the park. Thats right, I went to church and the walls didn't cave in, no one got struck by lightning and nothing caught on fire. The service was really more of a bible study than a preaching service. There were seven of us there and it was a very nice get-together.

We came back home and I did a few chores around the place. I did get in my customary nap in my chair while watching TV. We invited CJ and JD over for supper this afternoon and I went outside and set up the table to serve on. The picnic table on our site was in pretty bad shape but I wiped it down just in case someone wanted to sit at a table. We all enjoyed Stella's smothered steak and mashed potatoes and of course, the visiting after eating.

There must be a rally coming in today because we saw about 6-7 rigs come in while we were outside. School is out and there are a lot of kids in the park, but thats okay with me. I like the sound of kids. Teenagers and their loud music, not so much, but the kids are fine.

We were sorry to see our new Heartland friends, John and Shirley, leave this morning. They had exactly the same problem that we did and theirs was fixed the same way as our trailer was. They are from California, and we were glad that we didn't have to drive that far to get here. They are going to see their son in Maryland before making the long drive back home. We wish them and everyone else that will be traveling this summer safe travels.

So long.

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