Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday June 13, 2010-Elkhart County Fairgrounds, Goshen IN

Our friends Rick and Blanca made breakfast of chorizo and eggs for us and other friends this morning. It was good to see them as well as other friends that dropped by.

That is our trailer in site #433. This is the same site that we had the last time we came to Goshen for the rally. It's one of the small perks that we get and we liked the site, so we got it again.

The golf carts have arrived for both the event staff and many of us that have one rented for the rally. We rented one and will get it tomorrow.

The Heartland techs work out of this trailer. They take reservations and do a great job of making small repairs to the rigs. The best thing is there is no charge for these repairs no matter if its in warranty or not.

We woke to cold temperatures. It was 49 degrees here! Stella had turned the heater on but it was still chilly in the trailer. I wrapped up in my blanket and read the news and blogs that I follow on the computer. I started hearing voices outside about 7 o'clock but didn't go out until a little after 8. Our friends Rick and Blanca had made a chorizo and eggs dish and several people came by to eat. It was good to see many old friends from other rallies and we had a good breakfast.

The guys came by and repaired the countertop extension in the kitchen that had broken on our way here. They also replaced the Bighorn decal below the back window and made it look so easy! I envy those guys, but when you build 'em, you know how to fix 'em!

Jim called and asked us to go with him to Sam's Club to buy supplies and door prizes. It was fun to spend other people's money, but the quantities were staggering! We have over 400 attendees in 220 or so trailers plus some children, so its going to be a challenge to handle this many people. Stella and I are making coffee on Wednesday and Thursday morning and we'll see firsthand. I think we can handle it! Stay tuned to see how it goes. We came back here and unloaded everything in the rally hall and then came home and relaxed. We decided to stay home for supper because we will be eating very well for the rest of the week. We need to save as many calories as we can right now!

So long.

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Anonymous said...

Jay: I am jealous of the 49 degree morning. It was over 80 before 9AM and 99 by mid afternoon. Wish we could be up north.
Your old neighbors from Rayford Crossing
Don & Kathy