Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tuesday June 28, 2011-Addison Oaks County park

It was very cool again this morning and we just stayed inside where it was nice and warm. Late in the morning we decided to drive around this area just to see what was around us. We found the small little town of Oxford and a Meijer's store which is a smaller version of Wal Mart. We picked up a few items, mostly groceries for Stella to make something for Ted and Donna when they arrive.

I have noticed that some of the areas that we have gone into are called townships. This is a different term than we are used to in Texas, where we have villages and cities. I looked up the term township (abbreviated twp) and learned that there are civil townships and in Michigan only, charter townships. Civil townships serve as a local uni9t of government and has an elected board of trustees or supervisors. Charter townships serve as an administrative arm of county government, which in turn is an administrative arm of the state government. Charter townships may reorganize into municipalities. Thank you Wikipedia!

There are some beautiful homes in this area, many owned by employees in the automobile industry in nearby Detroit. I didn't have my camera with me today but we'll go back and I'll take some pictures to share.

We sat outside tonight in the cool night air. This is a pretty little park but I'm sure this will all change drastically with the holiday weekend coming up.

So long.

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