Monday, June 13, 2011

Saturday June 11, 2011-Bear Run Campground

The Heartland banner in front of the chapter leader's trailer in Portersville Pennsylvania. We had a good time here and met some new friends in the Pennsylvania group.

Lots of pretty heartland trailers on this row. We just about filled the park with Heartlands. It was surprising to us to see so many other states represented at this rally, but the states are not nearly as large as Texas, so they can draw from more areas. Of course, the PA folks support the other state's rallies as well.

There was a nice pool at this park. We didn't go into the water because there was so much activity, we really didn't have time. It looks cool and inviting.

Horses right across the street from the park. I don't know if these horses are just kept in this pasture or if they are available for rides.

An old pickup truck that is parked at the small coach house meeting room. I think this was the same model that Stella bought when it was brand new.... please don't tell her I said that! And no, it's not someone's tow vehicle.

The coach house where we had our meals and meetings. It was a little cramped but we did okay and had enough room to have plenty to eat.

There was even a North Country (Heartland) trailer up in the long-term area above the park.

There were many trailers parked up here that are apparently used as weekend retreats and some as full time residences.

Some have really nice porches with very pretty views of the meadows and valleys below. I'll bet its beautiful in the winter.

No fancy leveling systems being used here! I don't know if I'd be real comfortable here on a windy day!

Some of our group, waiting outside the coach house for a meal. It was very shady and the weather cooperated for us at the rally.

This is just some of the canned goods that were donated to the food bank in Portersville.

As usual, there was plenty of food for everyone to have plenty to eat. And of course, it was delicious.

Everyone is getting seated and ready to eat.

This lady is the head of the food bank in Portersville doing a sign language interpretation to music.

After the meal, we went on a hay ride down to a lake near the park. Actually, it was more of a wagon ride pulled by a Jeep but they called it a hay ride. It was a very pretty ride and cooled us off. We didn't see any wildlife, although the park owner says they see deer, bear and other wildlife on these rides.

There was 13 flavors of ice cream for dessert, furnished by one of the other chapters represented. It was nice to sit outside but everyone went home pretty early because we are leaving in the morning to go to Goshen for the big Heartland National rally.

We enjoyed our weekend here and will likely attend other chapter rallies as our travels allow.

So long.

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