Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sunday June 19, 2011-Goshen Fairgrounds

Today was the last day of the big rally. Many left early but then many also came down for our farewell breakfast. We had the big country breakfast that was catered for this morning. We all had plenty to eat and with hugs and handshakes most of our friends began to leave the rally grounds.

We then attended the church services that were provided by our friend Buddy Riddle. Buddy preached a good sermon that we all enjoyed. It was a good time with friends and a fitting way to end a great rally.

We all went back to our trailers to relax for a bit after the busy week. A good group of us got together in one of the pavilions near the rally hall for an impromptu potluck dinner of leftovers from rally meals. We ended up with plenty of good food and good visiting with some of the new friends that we have made this week.

So long.

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