Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friday June 24, 2011-Detroit-Greenfield RV Park

These are parts of a B-24 bomber that is being rebuilt by volunteers at the YAM (Ypsilanti Air Museum). This will be a big part of the new museum that they are currently working on.

A pilot training module. Now I can see why pilots are paid all the big bucks. Look at all the gauges and dials that they have to monitor.

There were no markings on this desk near the pilot and co-pilot so I assume that its for the bombardier? More gauges and dials and a few switches to operate.

A better view of another of the pilot trainers. I suppose a co-pilot is not needed in this one, or he/she has to stand up. How humiliating!

They had to move one of their two jets outside for a wedding that was held here. I'm not going to comment on someone getting married in an air museum. They probably worked there or were in the Air Force together.

A Vietnam-era Huey helicopter. It was either well-reconditioned or well kept because it looks perfect and ready to fly.

Vietnam-era weapons. I have owned the same weapons with the exception of the grenade launcher. I can think of several times that one of those would have come in handy, but then I couldn't have explained to the Chief of Police why I used it.

Another Vietnam-era fighter jet. I believe the docent told us this is an F-4 but I'm not sure about that.

Again, no markings about the size and use of this truck, but I can tell by the benches in the bed it was used for troop transportation. I'll bet with that short wheel base and tough military suspension, it was a rough rider.

The bomb load in the trailer being pulled by the truck. Although the lumber in the trailer deck is new, the trailer seems to be authentic.

Imagine one of these falling on you. A 250 pound fragmentation bomb would certainly ruin your day!

This was just one of the museums that we went to today. We also went to the Ypsilanti Automobile Museum. I took many photos of this museum but my blogger program and my Picasa program are very slow to upload the pictures, to I'll add the car shots on a later entry.

So long.

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