Saturday, July 2, 2011

Friday July 1, 2011-Addison Oaks County park

They had the big fireworks show here at the Addison Oaks county park tonight. It was about an hour-long show and was very colorful.

We didn't do a lot today. Two of Ted and Donna's daughters and their families came out and we had a big hot dog, hamburger cookout tonight that was very nice. The fireworks started a little after dark, which up here is after ten o'clock.

My Fujifilm camera has a setting for taking multiple images as long as the shutter is held open, so I used this feature tonight. I took almost 400 photos during the fireworks show but of course, almost half of them were unusable and had to be deleted but I did get some good shots.

It wasn't quite as cool tonight as it has been but still much better than they are having back in Texas. We are staying for another week and look forward to seeing many new things and making lots of new friends in Michigan.

So long.

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