Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mackinaw Island Photos

We went to visit historic Fort Holmes, originally called Fort George by the British, prior to 1815 and now referred to as Fort Mackinaw. Mackinac is the Indian word, with the American spelling being Mackinaw. Both are pronounced Mackinaw.

Taking off from the dock on the Mackinaw City side. These boats throw up a good roostertail behind them. I suppose it is in the design of the stern of the boats or the engine used.

It was very foggy on the morning trip. We were supposed to go under the big bridge but couldn't because of the visibility.

It was difficult to see the fort overlooking the strait from the water.

One of the signs explaining the lighthouses around the strait.

Taken from the fort above the harbor. The fort is 320 feet above lake level and the island covers 3.8 square miles. There is a road around the island that is 8 miles long.

This photo is taken in the enlisted men's barracks. Notice the wear on the stair treads. How many feet did it take to wear these down this much?

A picture of the soldier's barracks. Very little privacy here.

One of the skits that was performed. They were demonstrating advancing on an enemy in the old army ways.

The firing of the cannon off one of the gun turrets. The uniforms worn were similar to the ones worn from 1870 until 1882. At that time the best army in the world was the Prussian army and these formal uniforms were similar to the Prussians.

Motor vehicles are not allowed on the island. The only way onto the island is by either private boat, ferry, small airplane or in winter, snowmobile. Motorized vehicles have been prohibited since 1898 and the only exceptions are snowmobiles in winter, emergency vehicles and service vehicles. This is one of the tourist carriages. The other major means of transportation around the island is by bicycle, although skateboards and skates are allowed outside of the downtown area.

Even the UPS guy had to use a horse-drawn wagon to make his deliveries. It seems kind of ironic to use a computerized scanner beside bicycles and a horse-drawn wagon.

Our boat coming in to pick us up to go back to the mainland. It turned out to be the same boat that took us over this morning.

Leaving the island. The boat must not throw up the big wake until we cleared the breakwater jetty.

It was still foggy and hazy this afternoon as you can see by the Mackinaw bridge off in the distance.

When we got out in the open water, look at the amount of water kicked up! I read on the website that the company's Hydro-jets throw up a roostertail of 35 feet. Wow!!

Shutting the roostertail down as we near the dock in Mackinaw City.

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