Saturday, July 23, 2011

Friday July 22, 2011-Mackinaw Mill Creek campground

We didn't do too much today. We drove into Mackinaw city and ate a big breakfast at The Admiral's Table restaurant. When we finished with breakfast, we went for a ride over to St. Ignace, across the big bridge. That bridge is under construction or being repaired every day. They even thought ahead when they built the bridge and built a large apron to store large equipment on while working. There is probably enough room for a truck to park off the roadway and allow traffic to flow.

We rode around the picturesque little city, but there isn't too much there except a pretty setting for the town, overlooking the lake and the big bridge. We checked out a KOA campground just outside of town but it's no better than the place where we are.

We decided to come back across to Mackinaw City to go to the grocery store. We found that there is only one "supermarket" in town, an IGA store. They have a little bit of a lot of stuff, not much selection and high prices. I guess thats what you can do when you're the only store in town. We did find that there is a Wal Mart in Cheboygan, about 15 miles away but we didn't need enough groceries to make it a worthwhile trip, so we just bought our few items and came back home.

When we came back to the park, I talked to two brothers who are Heartland owner that have a Landmark and a Bighorn. Neither was very happy with their rigs, so I gave them a card and told them who to call at the factory for some help. I also suggested that they join the forum for the exchange of information there. I hope it works out for them.

We hung out with 0ur next door neighbors, Ed and Karen. They are living in Alabama but own property in League City and Kemah and had a home that is about five miles from our house in Dickinson. Small world isn't it?

We had a nice time visiting with and comparing notes about people that we all knew. They will be leaving on Sunday and we leave Monday and are all going in the same general direction, so we may meet up with them again.

So long.

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