Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday July 17, 2011-Moving day-Timber Ridge RV Resort to Mackinaw Mill Creek Campground

We woke late again today but after drinking our coffee and eating some breakfast, we got busy and got everything done earlier than I had expected. I guess the long times at one park had gotten to us to a degree because now even though we start late, we still get away at a decent time. We pulled out today about 10:30.

Our new neighbors, Ken and Mary, had another issue with their new rig this morning. The shower wouldn't run any water through it. The toilet and sink both worked, so we knew there was water to the bathroom. I told him to remove the shower head to see if it was blocked and work his way back to the water line coming into the shower. He went inside and came back out in a few minutes telling me that he had found his problem. He was very relieved to find the problem because his wife had not been able to shower in the trailer and had to go to the shower house for her shower. She was already upset over the electrical problem from yesterday, and I was glad to have contributed a little to save their first outing in the new rig.

We took the scenic route down Hwy. 31 to Mackinaw and it was indeed a pretty drive along the lake. The road was good until the last 20 miles or so where we ran into construction and some pretty bad potholes but the traffic wasn't bad. We plan to take the freeway when we return from Munising in a couple of weeks.

We got set up in a heavily wooded site with woods on all sides of us. It is kind of pretty here and reminds us of a couple of the Texas state parks that we have stayed at in the past. I did take a short walk around the park and found that there are other sites with a water view but they were all taken when we called for a reservation. In fact, we got the last full hook-up site in the park.

It was hot here today and the weather guessers are predicting more hot temperatures across the nation for awhile. Of course, hot here means 88 degrees with a humidity of 60%, nothing like the triple digit temps in Texas. We'll just have to tough it out for a few days I guess, but we'll make it!

So long.

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