Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday July 13, 2011-Timber Ridge RV Resort

On this Wednesday the 13th we decided to check out another peninsula that is nearby. This one has a lighthouse, a boat rescue station manned by the US Coast Guard and a huge sand dune.

Here I am dipping my feet in Lake Michigan. The water wasn't all that cold as I expected, but as you can see, it's very shallow and water warms up rapidly in shallow water.

This is the front of the lighthouse. This lighthouse is much different than the one we saw yesterday. Both of the lighthouses protect bays of Lake Michigan and have been here for many years.

As you can see, this is the fog signal building. It now contains the fog horns, and other equipment that was used when the Coast Guard ran a rescue operation out of this location.

Here are two of the fog whistles (horns) that were used here. The plaque that is pictured below explains some of these operations.

This is one of the lights used in the lighthouse. It is a 190mm rotating lantern. It has a Lucite lens that replaced a less powerful Fresnel lens. Six low wattage modern bulbs were mounted on a geared wheel called a bulb changer. When a bulb burns out, the wheel rotates a new bulb into place and the lightkeeper replaces the burned out bulb. The light is powered by a 12 volt battery that is recharged by a solar panel.

Another lighthouse bulb that is no longer used.

This is one of the rescue boats in the boathouse. The boat rests on a hand-pulled trailer with tracks, similar to railroad tracks that led to the water's edge. The men in the rescue squad would pull the boat to the water, climb in and tow out to rescue people that were in danger.

This is probably some of the prettiest water that I've ever seen. It gets lighter in color close to shore and as the depth increases, the water gets more blue (bluer??) Either way, it is beautiful.

This is the huge sand dune that many people climb and then either run or roll down. It looked very difficult to me, so I advised Stella not to try it. I didn't want to have to carry her to the top and then back down. I would have gone up by myself, but again, I was afraid that she might get bored or even frightened because I had left her alone. What a guy!!

So long.

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